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My philosophy of creating is a sophisticated sensitivity into two and three dimensional material in which I try to give an explanation about the multiple sensory experiences of an instant. The simultaneous experiencing of sensation between substantial and insubstantial situations has inspired me, and the unusual conjunction of circumstances has given me an affection for a spiritual nature. Under the concentration of our attention, we can sense daily events and natural phenomena sensitively, such as the swaying of the branch, flickering of the candle, the sound of a clock, the blooming of a flower, and so on. I coined the phrase delicate movement for the something we perceive sensitively. Delicate movement happens everywhere regularly around us. It is shrouded in all the main concerns of daily life. I tried to relate the meaning of “delicate” to the circumstances of our lives to verify the concept of the delicate movement. The delicate movement seems to be hidden, wrapped, oppressed, and controlled by daily life. Because of the delicate movement like a swaying branch or a flickering candle gets swept aside in the bustle of modern life, these are the “quiets” in daily life. For an easier way to understand this I tried to present the delicate movement as a visual image.
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