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White Tent Women - 1
What does it mean to be a “White Tent” Woman? 
It must be a place that you can go and play dress up with silly looking crowns and metal wire that only a Queen Bee would understand.  It must be a place where women gather and help each other; a place where you celebrate these women & yourself.  It’s also a place where the pouring of honey and then placing flowers on their skin in the most loving way is a way to feel rejuvenated and empowered. 
We all have had our traumas and stories and heartbreaks and perils in this world. We are not alone. We heal in presence & connection with each other and to do so we simply cannot bypass the darkness all around us.  Instead, we  alchemize it into something greater. 
Some people think that when we wear white it makes us feel lighter, more vibrant, radiant, & alive.  Thus, the idea of a white tent came to be.  I propose that when we go into the white tent we see things more clearly.  We return to the deep knowing that it’s time to rise up together. We return to the  love we have for ourselves which in turn makes us leave that special white tent to do what our hearts are calling us to do.
Here is the first  to group of women that went under the “blue tent”.  I wish it were white, but for now let’s just imagine it to be. 

The next one will be white.  It will be tall and majestic and one that when you go in you’ll want to get so lost in the experience you’ll think you went for a massage. 
But you didn’t. 
If you can’t make it to a white tent event there will be other offerings.  And if you can’t make those, then perhaps go make your own white tent.  Maybe tie a white sheet between two chairs and crawl under it.  There’s your tent.  And, from there you’ll start your own kind of magic.  Sometimes alone and sometimes with other White Tent Women.  
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