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Textures and Color by Michael Dergar
As CEO/founder of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation, Michael constantly seeks ways to encourage, support and promote the artistic talents of people with disabilities, to instill pride in these artists that their artwork can be seen and appreciated by our entire society, and to instill the hope that everyone regardless of disabilities can make a better future for themselves. Michael supports artists in the special needs community because he truly believes that someday no one will ever feel discriminated against because of their disabilities in any aspect of life.   Impressionist artist Michael Dergar creates colorful rhythmic patterns through the usage of textures and colors. Dergar connects colors, movement and textures to create the individuality of his art collectors. His artwork is a definition of feelings. His work is an interpretation of people’s energy and emotions. Dergar explains, "While I am painting, my textures, colors and designs awaken another part of me that connects me with another world where time does not exists." After his childhood in Mazatlan, Mexico and his formative years in California, Dergar discovered his passion to help artists with disabilities by creating the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation who’s mission is to bring public awareness and Recognition to artists with disabilities. He lives and works mainly in Pasadena, California Area. Dergar tries everyday to help to make a more inclusive society in the arts exclusively artist with disabilities. His artwork can be seen in galleries and internationally.  “I PAINT TO HELP” Says, Michael Dergar! If I can make a difference with my talent, I will definitely use it to bring people together. Art has not borders, no nations, no language, no race.  Art is universal and brings people together! 

Learn more about Michael Dergar as well as his new artwork in his new collection! “I Paint to Help” at www.michaeldergar.com 
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