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Window in a window through a glass through glass. The space in-between my beating heart and the next. So far that the echo of the thud thud thud doesn’t reach, so far that they seem to recede into the hot pavement. Pixels breaking up skin and clothes and facial features. So far that it feels like they’re on another planet - like those first images of Mars. Lifeless and fragmented, dark concrete in place of red sand. Might as well be an alien world, might as well be those vast distances of space. Might as well be a machine powered by batteries and the sun cold metal. surveying an empty landscape, mining for signs of life. alone. 
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D Emptyspace is an app that lets you create and explore inspiring virtual art galleries on your phone. Arrange your artwork just like you would in a gallery, allowing it to tell a story as visitors virtually walk though. Unleash your creativity, invite friends, connect with other creators and explore their work.
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