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My work involves the idea of a line between reality, illusion, and the concept of  constructing the images. I am interested in the idea that photography can transform  what’s in front of the lens into something different, something that looks fictional and real  at the same time. I am making work that resembles staged diorama and paper sculpture,  with the image-making process that enables me to control all the elements in the picture.  
My obsession with southeast Asian myths and tales influenced my photographs; as a Thai,  these myths and legends had played an essential role in my upbringing. When I was  young, my grandparent would tell me stories that had passed along from generations and  generations. I always visualized these stories along in my mind as my grandparent told  them to me. And weirdly enough, these imaginations stuck onto my memory, some as a  fraction of an image, objects, or an entire scene in the story.  

These photographs are derived from my childhood imagination of what it would look like  if these myths and stories come to life. I revisited fractions of my childhood memories  through the process of manufacturing and photographing these dioramas and objects. 
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