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This series is a process, an evolution like life itself, an explosion of innocence and naivety that unfolds in freshness and vivacity. It is the naive expression of the desire to be reborn, to grow, to enjoy discovering the life that is inside and outside of one, with the illusion and enthusiasm of a child, that child that lives in the soul of each one of us and needs to unfold.

and live in freedom. And to get back to that point, we need to unlearn what we have learned.

The collection wants to express - in rich and vivid colors - the life that emanates from the soul of a child. Life, passion, unlimited creativity, naivety, eagerness and desires, essential optimism, need for love, and happiness. Color, a lot of color, and nuances.

Dedicated to this period of uncertainty, in which we sometimes tend to forget that we live in a dynamic, exciting, and inspiring world, in which children show us the magic when we dare to look with their eyes.

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