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Wallpapers #2 (2020)
My photo-based practice stems from personal experience, which I have moved or transferred among many different types of places since my childhood. I question the truth of reality, and then transcend among the memory and overwhelmed image world. I am investigating how a foreign Chinese person creates a balanced space of both identity and a sense of belonging in photographs when they live in the United States. Viewers will follow the journey of a foreign Chinese person who initially came to the States for higher education, lost somewhere between the American image-culture and their self-isolated living space. Then they create their own cross-cultural space with the desire for immigration and "re-inventing" the photography technique for their identity. My work is process-based, including the practice of installation. I use "Chinese" materials such as traditional watercolor ink and rice paper, in combination with “American” materials, like photo developer chemicals, darkroom photo paper, the U.S. letter-size golden paper, darkroom filter, etc.  
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