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Are you capable of loving the strange?
This is an ongoing project about discovering if one can accept oneself. During the lockdown,  the introspection was almost everything my mind could do. I revise myself and my surroundings  over and over again, and it was inevitable that at some point I started to question if I could take  care about myself as I am. Notebooks are a big part of the project as I wrote almost everyday,  but when solitude and anxiety came in, I couldn’t manage to. This is my attempt to came in  “good terms” with myself, the good, the ugly and strange thoughts or parts.  
What is D Emptyspace?
D Emptyspace is an app that lets you create and explore inspiring virtual art galleries on your phone. Arrange your artwork just like you would in a gallery, allowing it to tell a story as visitors virtually walk though. Unleash your creativity, invite friends, connect with other creators and explore their work.
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