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The Galaxy Voyager
"The Galaxy Wanderer” prints began as monochromatic photos taken on an iPhone inside a cave, then translated into colorful landscapes with the use of photo editing software before being printed on paper. “The Galaxy Voyager” is the sequel to those prints on paper, reimagined as prints on canvas.

Without lights on, the caves are pitch black, but when lit, millennia-old stalactites, stalagmites and crystals can be seen. The caves have been re-envisioned as alien intergalactic landscapes, and the viewer is an interplanetary traveler, seeing a foreign world for the first time.

As a legal “alien” for many years, the artist faced questions of globalization and otherness. The work spotlights human migration (often over international borders), and the reality of lines dividing and defining spaces. The current debate on immigration, the border crisis, and international travel bans/restrictions play into this futuristic series. By reimagining dark, unknown spaces into places of wonder, the images capture the intimate moment of discovering a new land and the hope that migration can bring.

The work references travel and migration access as a means of transformation and connection. The work is an homage to earth-travel and space-exploration. The viewer is encouraged to focus on detail in micro, even as a universal terrain reveals itself in macro. 

Welcome to your voyage.
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