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System Error 1_Ali Asad Invitational Exhibition
Ali Asad Invitational Exhibition
The global online exhibition platform D Emptyspace hosts “System Error”: Syria-born British artist “Ali Asad Invitational Exhibition” from January 25 to February 25, 2021. This event is held at D Emptyspace’s online exhibition showroom for a total of 22 works at two exhibition halls. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Korea Arts Management Services to help vitalize and enhance the competitive edge of Korea’s online exhibition platform industry.

The exhibition, “System Error”, is based on the artist’s life. An artist and filmmaker,  Ali Asad, is a British born in Syria. He immigrated to the UK when he was 13. Life as an immigrant was not easy. He was harassed by white students, but six black children protected him on his side. Through this racial discrimination, he came to have a critical mind about social issues. When filming the documentary “Speaking With Enemy” via Channel 4 about Israelis and Palestinians in 1986, Ali Asad was witnessing indiscreet sacrifices and harmful effects resulting from the racial dispute. As a result, the artist came to be interested in various issues, including wars, disputes, racial discrimination, and environmental problems, that arise constantly out of human beings’ greed and selfishness around the world.

The recent movement in the US, Black Lives Matter, raised global awareness because it was protesting against the horrible, institutional racial discrimination in the death of George Perry Floyd, who was sacrificed by the indiscriminative use of governmental power. The governmental power is getting stronger while people’s freedom and equality are not guaranteed. This is a tragic phenomenon that is happening across the world, not in a single country.

Having experienced such social issues, Ali Asad came to think of the role of the artist. As a result, he started to raise criticism and essential questions about a country and the “big system” of social society where human beings’ dignity is lost, and violence and discrimination are taking place. Based on the research of identity, displacement, and the assimilation process, Asad is organizing works with expressive images and structures defined by aesthetic, structural interests.

Ali Asad usually is making works using digital prints, collage methods, and paintings, which maximize aesthetic expression through a combination of traditional methods. He attempts to encourage an audience to participate in the works and interpret them. This way Asad is raising essential questions about human beings in modern society and criticizing human beings’ cruel and twofold nature, to change their fixed idea and thoughts of modern society.

Organized by Demptyspace
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 
and Korea Arts Management Services

About Ali Asad
An artist and a filmmaker. Born in Syria, Ali Asad’s passion for art came to him at an early age. He describes the childhood experience of sitting on the floor of his family farm drawing and painting as pure magic. While doing his foundation studies at Byam Shaw school of art he was asked to apply to Goldsmiths college by one of their scouts. While at Goldsmith he was selected to do his final piece – an installation - in a show at The ICA (The Institute for Contemporary Arts London). “Although the images I use in my works are determined by aesthetic and compositional concerns they are primarily used to move and engage the viewer”.

Selected Exhibitions
2001 Cross Country Kevelaer Germany / Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
1999 Solo exhibition Alu Gallery Amsterdam
1998 Outsiders World Art Gallery New York
1996 Solo exhibition Blooms Gallery Amsterdam
1982 Under Us Institute of Contemporary Arts London

Goldsmith College, Filmz Amsterdam INC, English Heritage, Deutsche Bank, Swinton Insurance and other private collectors.

Contact: a.asad@mac.com 

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