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Eclipse Invitational Exhibition
Eclipse Invitational Exhibition
Asking questions about existence at the borderline
Pondering while looking at the sea in the dark: Where does this darkness come from?
This exhibition is a duo project of Daniel Huete and Natthaya Thaidecha. It begins with the ontological research of the artists who are facing their intrinsic, traumatic memories through the photographic medium.
Daniel visits the place where his mother was buried, to face the trauma of her death. Natthaya, who fears deep water, jumps into the sea. In the dark sea the artists grasp memories about death and uncertainty, about pain and fears that remain in their subconscious. 
Daniel and Natthaya take photographs that would hold memories, and in return their work reflect an emotional state based on their self-consciousness. The artists reflect their experiences and memories through images, and are raising their voices by connecting people and things that exist in different times and places in an organically as a single voice. Their journey to find identity is expressed in dreamlike metaphoric images.
Against this background, symbolizing “momentary darkness”. It also stands for the inseparable continuity of 
life/death as a cycle and the light found within the darkness representing hope.

Organized by Demptyspace
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 
and Korea Arts Management Services

About  Daniel Huete 
Daniel Huete (b.1989 Spain) is a self-taught visual artist and educator, he left Spain for the US at the age of 17, one year later he moved to Asia, where he has been living for the past 10 years.
His work often revolves around lived experiences that relate to fear, death, and identity.  Currently based in between South Korea and Thailand.
In 2017 he attended workshops with Chien-Chi Chang and Antoine d’Agata.
In 2019 Daniel founded BAD EYES a publishing house and photo collective.


About Natthaya Thaidecha
Natthaya Thaidecha (b.1994 Thailand) is a Visual Artist working with Image, video and sound.
She uses photography to tell her stories, as a way to communicate her experiences and emotions.
Natthaya did her Bachelors in Cinema and Digital Media from Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok, Thailand.
In 2019 she attended to “From the theory to the book” a workshop by Valentina Abenavoli (Akina Books) aimed at finding possible interpretations of the visual narratives by reading images, editing and sequencing process.
She is a member of BAD EYES an Independent publishing house and photo collective.


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