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Free Spirits - “New Fucking Tricks”
Free Spirits Exhibition - June Kim, Chris Perez, André Kan 
Curated by Hyejin Kim and D Emptyspace Gallery 


“New Fucking Tricks” 
André Kan 

“New Fucking Tricks” a new body of work done entirely in the meta verse. This exhibition focuses on the infinite potentials and possibilities within a decentralized community. As wild talks about non fungible tokens become a new sense of universal currency with monetary value; We must remember to stay skeptical yet hopeful through all this. Like the tricks up one’s sleeves each of these digital pieces correspond a different departures into a new reality - A new found territory.
And the experiences taken from each piece acts as repertoires for future innovations. 

“New Fucking Tricks” talks about the free spirited thinking and vibrant expressions that drive our daily continuance of creating something out of nothing.   

All digital pieces from this exhibition are available to purchase here:

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