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New Edge

17 - 27. Dec. 2020

International Collage Exhibition

New Edge is an art show presenting international contemporary artists working  promarily with the medium of collage.The ‘new ‘ reality in the days of the pandemic has given them the opportunity to go inwards ,reflect and explore what the new reality is to them and eventually to the world around them. 

New Edge is ultimately a reflection of the Inner World and its perception of the ‘New’ - a comment and response to the current situation and the concerns that come along with it. Even though some of the works were made 'pre-pandemic', each of the artists has something in common: Their passion for recreating the world through their eyes and vision; giving the viewer the opportunity to connect and engage with them.

Participating Artists: Anna Sandalaki, Christoph Bodmer, Darren Van Asten, Jelena Hohlun, Mark Watkins, Nick Cash, Sam Dodson, Venus in Vain

Curated by  Venus in Vain 

Sponsored by Demptyspace

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