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We’ll See The Sea Again
On 25th March 2020, Bombay- the city that never sleeps, suddenly went still. The country found itself in the throes of the most stringent Coronavirus lockdown in the world. Stepping out of the four corners of home was illegal. Barricades stopped roads from slipping into other roads, and the city was grappling to find essential commodities to survive.

Apart from a daily routine, ‘the new world,’ found itself robbed of glimpses of loved ones, a sense of touch, the luxury of fresh air, and for some, like me- 
The Sea. In a city like Bombay, where the sea is often the only reminder of an open space, weekly visits brought a sense of calm to the consistent chaos.

But what do you do when you’re not allowed the sea anymore? or the sky? Or the pockets of green, in an infinite concrete? What is your respite?

What is your respite?
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