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Hye Ryung Na (b.1987) is a visual artist whose work is conceptually driven and materialises in different forms and scales from drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, video to performance. Her work has been internationally presented. Selected solo exhibitions include; D Emptyspace (online, 2020), 4Log Artspace (Seoul, Korea, 2020), The flux gallery (Seoul, Korea, 2020), Asan Foundation for Arts and Culture (Seoul, Korea, 2019), Gallery Iang (Seoul, Korea, 2019), The 3rd place (Seoul, Korea, 2018), and Alternative Space Noon (Suwon, Korea, 2018). Selected group exhibitions include; BARDO-29/House Museum (Gilliam, Canada, 2017), Holland Tunnel Gallery (New York, US, 2017), The Untitled space(New York, US, 2017), 12o collective (London, UK, 2016), OCAD University (Toronto, Canada, 2015), The New School University Center (New York, US, 2014), The State Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2014) She was selected as the emerging artist by Asan Foundation for Arts and Culture (Asan, Korea, 2019). She participated in the Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale (Yesan, Korea, 2016) as solo exhibit and Feminist art conference at OCAD University (Toronto, Canada, 2015) as panelist. She received her BFA in Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design, New York, US. www.hyeryungna.com
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D Emptyspace is an app that lets you create and explore inspiring digital art galleries on your phone. Arrange your artwork just like you would in a exhibition, allowing it to tell a story as visitors digitally walk though. Unleash your creativity, invite friends, connect with other creators and explore their work.
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