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In all the light
The light is distant. It forms waves as I watch it move further away. It lilts through spaces, occupying figments of blurred memories. Life as I know it has ended, and I feel my body giving way to darkness. What does it feel like to watch your world from a distance? A silent bystander in your own story. 

For a long time, I’d seek the light out. Scurry to grab hold of the hope that came with it, as it vanished between my palms. And now? The search has stalled. 

I’ve learnt to navigate the threads of shadows, and weaved the warps and wefts of long-lost time. Over the years, I’ve settled myself in the giant folds of darkness. I caress it as the light shimmers through translucent black. 

I accept, I live, I learn. Because soon, the void will be the only thing that’s left.
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